What is use of Google plus code? and how it is work ?

what is use of google plus code

In a few countries, Google has released a brand new feature known as Google Plus Codes. It basically combines two elements that are successful in representing the address of a place. When a particular location is difficult to detect on a map it can easily be located by using plus codes. It is a free of cost tool that is also available offline. It can also locate remote areas that are otherwise difficult to find on Google maps.

Even though it has already achieved a massive success, Google has come up again with yet another venture that will be the next big thing. It is the Google plus codes and this will totally bring about a change in the navigation system around the world.

what are google plus codes?

Google plus Codes basically work as address for streets and places. These are simple, short and very easy to use. It helps the users make their own virtual address that is shared on the Google Maps platform.

The Google plus Codes make use of the longitude and latitude grids of the map of your present location and breaks them into a simple code system. The code can have a maximum of ten characters and has a + sign before the last two digits.

how to work google plus code

For example: X4HM+3C, CAIRO, EGYPT

Usually the first four characters represent the area code and the rest represent the local code. Together the area and local code form a global code.

As Google plus Code is open source software, different developers can use these codes to connect locations to a number of Government services, logistics and transportation. These can also be used to reach a certain event, help to guide emergency services to the locations and making complicated addresses simple.

Objective behind plus codes?

There are other similar services that exist in the present world. So it is interesting to know as to why Google is interested in providing such a service.

The objective behind such service can be explained as follows:

#1 This might be an easy way for Google to incorporate a grid based addressing system to Google maps.

The reason behind this step would have been that if they would have included all the existing services it would have its own difficulties and issues.

#2We all know that Google map is used by Google for commercial requirements as well and this would have resulted in challenges regarding licensing.

#3 Google in the past had done a thorough evaluation of the present encoding system and might have understood the difficulties they might face

#4 One of the intelligent things that Google had made was that they made plus code offerings and changed it into Open Source offering.

Why are they unique?

There are a lot of advantages of using Google Plus Codes and why are they so unique, you ask?

Here we discuss them briefly below for an easier understanding:

#1 They are free:

Using Google Plus Code is absolutely free of cost. You just need your internet connection and that’s it. No charges whatsoever. There is absolutely no fees for licensing, like it was mentioned before, it is an open sourced technology.

#2 Simplicity of usage:

Google Plus Code service can be used easily as the places that are nearby are going to have similar codes as well. This will help an individual to get an understanding of how far or close to the destination they are.

#3 Printing feature:

Google Plus Code can be easily printed in the forms of grid on paper or posters or even as signs. It will be an advantage for people who don’t have an access to mobile or a computer for that matter.

#4 Offline Access:

The Google plus Code can be used offline as well. This feature will be helpful in situations where you don’t have an internet network around you. It is going to work online and offline as well.

#5 It works everywhere:

The unique feature of the Google plus Codes is that it works in places that have not even yet been mapped. And because there is no use of country codes, this service works in disputed territories as well.

#6 Very easy to recognize:

The Google plus Codes make us of the symbol + this helps to recognize people and computers. This as a result, ensures that Google Search and Google maps identify them.

How to use them?

Using Google plus Codes are not a difficult task at all. Just follow the simple steps given below:

#1 First step is to open Google maps on your android phone or Tablet. Then go to the location on the map that you wish to use with Google plus Codes.

#2 Tap on the location given and search for the Google Plus Code icon on the information page.

#3 This will show you the converted Google Plus Code for the location. You just have to tab on the code to copy it to your clipboard. Now you can share it with anyone directly.

Problems one might face

Like every other technology Google plus Codes might have to face certain issues as well. Like for example a few of the addresses, it can happen that they share the same codes. This as a result is going to create confusions.

It might happen that when we book a taxi from a certain location, more nearby areas can have the same plus code.

One more problem that using Google plus Codes can be that a huge number of people around the world living near the area or streets that are not really named yet. So how will it be possible for people to get to know about the plus code of their area or even use Google plus Code service at all?

Certainly Google plus Code will bring a revolution in the navigation system of the world.


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