Tips on time and frequency to obtain maximum traffic from social media

timing is everything with social media

In this era of heavy internet usage, people enjoy sharing their life stories with people around the world. When it comes to business social media can be used as a great tool for marketing as it will help in increasing the investment returns. And all this without spending a huge amount of money.

But the fact remains that not a lot of people notice it and in the worst case scenario people even skip it completely as they don’t want to be bothered much. To avoid such situations one has to have an effective social media plan. For this, it is crucial that you publish the content at the right time of the day.

One of the recent studies on the matter shows that when you post content at a time suitable for the viewers it is always beneficial. Before you even start to think about posting content, always consider the time zones of the viewers, be it a USA standard time or Indian standard time. You have to define the best times in which your content will be published on any of the platforms.

When you have created social pages that are attractive to your organization or business your work is not just finished there, it is going to take a lot of advertising, marketing, and good public relations. Here we give you a few tips according to which the content must be posted on social media.

Plan the content well

You first need to create an editorial or content calendar. When you have an advance planning of social media posts you get more time to design custom themes for a particular time and month. You can decide the time or schedule for posting that is best suited for your business, it can be daily, weekly or monthly. Just make sure that you stick to it.

The kind of content you need to post

On all of the social media platforms, customers do expect some kind of interaction in an informal manner. So it is important to engage the client well. Try to avoid boring the viewers with lengthy and monotonous posts. Highlight important points and include videos, links wherever possible. Variety is also key, keep alternating between different kinds of posts so that the interest of the viewers is maintained. Try to showcase your product more being an expert on it and keep it human, not an in a robotic manner.

Social Media Timing

This is the most important feature and has to be constantly kept in mind. One of the studies showed at which times one must post for the highest engagement over social media. For Facebook its Wednesday at 3 p.m. EST. Try not to post anything on the weekends unless it is relevant to special events or a breaking news. When it comes to Twitter its best to post earlier in the week like Monday to Thursdays and from one to three pm.

On Fridays try to avoid the time slot from 3 pm to 9 pm. It is also seen that tweets have less number of views on the weekends.  Also keep in mind about post decay, which means that as every second that passes by and the older a post get, the less valuable it becomes.

Frequency is also important

Keep in mind that the average visibility of Facebook posts of around three hours. So before posting anything new, wait for at least three hours between any two posts at a given time. But frequency is very important as well, don’t keep posting something every three hours as it can be irritating and annoying to people and try to keep the posts under 4 each day.

When you want more efficiency for your posts you must try to engage in better communication with Your customers. Try to interact with them as soon as they have a query or even if they are just Appreciating your work. This simple step can spark a good relationship and will help you win the trust of valuable customers.

Don’t take a like, comment or a retweet as something trivial. A well organized and timed social media account is going to increase the attention to your business and will be highly beneficial.

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