React Native UI Component Libraries Every App Developer Should Know Of

React Native UI Component

The consistent and rapid growth in the use of React Native framework for app development has proved uncanny for developers and companies across the globe. This notion should not surprise anyone, as the React framework is equipped with numerous benefits most developers and designers who are new to this field are now aware of.

The way React functions is very different from the rest of the libraries and programming languages. You can isolate UI components for your app and then use the same components or piece of code in cross-platform mobile app development. This popularity upsurge of having mobile apps has encouraged individuals and companies to work with a react native development agency for a quick and flexible app development process. For that reason, we know new developers out there would be eager to learn how this framework works so compiled some useful React libraries that you can for a smooth and flexible app development environment for native mobile apps.

React Native Elements

This React Native library is one of the widely used libraries among professional app developers and interface designers. What makes its use so common is the option of customization. Using this UI toolkit, you can transform the code according to your preference and you would not have to update the changes from scratch repeatedly. You be able to have complete control over the design code in this library and that is its main reason for popularity.


The NativeBase library is known for its extensive list of unique UI components. With its offering of over a dozen UI components for both IOS and Android apps, this library serves to be crucial in react native app development. This library also has the option that lets you use components from third-party React Native based libraries. Therefore, you do not have to worry about customizing your app interface, as NativeBase is already equipped with these options.

UI Kitten

While it might not be as widely used as the above-mentioned component libraries, UI Kitten stills contain some great customizable UI components that you can reuse anytime you want for developing cross-platform mobile apps. The components can be styles to befit your preferences as well.

React Native UI Library

Although React Native itself is meant for UI design, it also has a separate UI library that has a sole focus on the interface designing of cross-platform mobile apps. This library has support for various other React based components as well. Most of the style presets in this library are predefined and you can use these styles to add color, text and use different font styles as well.


With over 3k authentic and positive reviews, the Shoutem React Native component library is divided into three categories. While it is known for UI components, it also has themes and animation components for UI designing. All the features of this library support cross-platform operating systems of both Android and IOS so you can avail the code reusability feature in this library easily. Since it even has predefined style presets, the task of creating complex interface designs is made simple too.

Nachos UI

Its name might sound tempting but using this library is nothing short of an engaging experience. It has reviews lower than the libraries mentioned above but it still contains 30 customizable UI components for the creation of react native apps. You can customize app interfaces as per your needs but this library also contains themes that you can personalize and manage as well.

React Native Vector Icons

Mobile app interfaces are more than fancy and responsive features. One core part of app interfaces are the icons used for defining the options an app has. This library contains customizable icons that you can fully customize and style how you want to. Many react native apps extract icons from this library as currently no other component UI library for icons exists that is as extensive and detailed as this one. All the icons are pre-made and are present in bundles so you can choose the ones you like and then add those in your app interface.

React Native Paper

The React Native Paper library is made for cross-platform app operating systems. The core functionalities this library offers include support for themes and multiple unique plugins. These plugins can be utilized for minimizing the bundle size as per the defined design guidelines.

React Native Material Kit

The Material Kit for React Native has not been updated currently but it still contains features and options that can be usedin the present day. The themes and UI components this library has are simple and easy to implement. You can select a theme and then make changes to it for your mobile app. This library is the most basic out of them all but it still provides several benefits app developers can take advantage of.

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