Marketing Tricks for Startup Businesses

Marketing Tricks for Startup

Many people are not aware of the absolute meaning of marketing and having some misconception about the conceptual understanding of marketing. Basically, Marketing does not signify the feature of the advertisement or selling something for the sake of earning money. Advertising something, reveals the small element of marketing but selling a product or services is not marketing.

Simultaneously, there may be a huge number of successful entrepreneurs who are often perceptive and intuitive, but these two traits are not sufficient for obtaining marketing decisions. Effective marketing requires intimate knowledge and the basic understanding of the consumer’s need.

Second, be wary of the many misconceptions about marketing, including many negative ones.

For example, marketing is not hucksterism; it is not selling unwanted things and taking the customer’s money. Nor is marketing about manipulating, fooling, or tricking the customer. Instead, marketing is the activity for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that benefit the organization, its stakeholders, and society at large.

This definition stresses the importance of delivering genuine benefits (or value) in the offerings marketed to customers.  Either you are an entrepreneur or having any startup small scale company, you just need to focus on the customer’s benefits or values with which they are satisfied then by doing this, it may take your business to the forging long-term relationships with them. During the startup of your company, if you are having very few customers and your company is having ability to satisfying the customers need and in return, if your company is rewarding some kind or discount on heavy purchase then it can be a very valuable resource in recommending your business to others.


The Seven Steps in the Marketing Process-

Either you are an entrepreneur or any startup small business or company, such entrepreneur or promoters have to understand and follow the seven steps in the marketing process to create and sustain a successful venture:

  1. Identify and understand customer needs.
  2. Develop products, services, or experiences to meet those needs.
  3. Price the products, services, or experiences effectively.
  4. Inform customers that these products, services, or experiences exist.
  5. Deliver the product, services, or experiences efficiently and conveniently for the customer.
  6. Ensure customer satisfaction during and after the exchange process.
  7. Build long-term relationships with the customers.

There is not a shortage of marketing strategies for the companies even most of the companies have to market their product or services by using a different approach of marketing whichever suits their companies in order to gain hefty profit or increase the revenue of the business.

Most of the small business owners have achieved the success in finding the accessibilities, persistence and flexibility anchor in any successful marketing program.

That means, once you have achieved the company’s interest then that will be a peak time for your company to become flexible to the customer’s needs and listen to the buyer’s problems so that your company can improve such flaws with which your customers are suffering.

Instead of taking an opinion from the staff members about the marketing of their product/services, the company should do a survey or spend sufficient amount of time with customers in order to identify the need of their customers.

Generally, marketing companies prefer to hire only those agents or small-scale enterprises which truly take cares of their customers and having an approach of promoting business by creating and supplying something new service/product which carries only few number of businesses and one thing also keep in mind that such product which is hard to find in the market should have customer demand unless it may cause your business to negligible amount of return.


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