Do you know Google has launched a new design for Gmail

Google Updates redesign on Gmail

Google has recently made an official change that had been rumored earlier in this month. The new Gmail starts a global phased rollout which won’t be available to every person having a Gmail account right now.

Jacob Bank who is also the lead product manager for Gmail had said that the main aim of Google redesign is to make people safer and more productive as well. Then for business use, these claims are very important and the series of these changes make the users the topmost priority business customers.

Here are some of the changes that had been made in the Google mail:

Confidential mode:

The feature allows the sender to put a date that will be mentioned for more sensitive emails. You will also have an option to revoke it completely. Google does it by not sending the important content directly. You are going to send the link to the content that is in your mail and it is seen by the recipients either through their Gmail account or if they use another mail service, then https. Both of the cases allow the sender and recipient to access how long the other person can see the mail. This is basically time-limited access permission.

Two Factor authentications:

Also called as the 2FA. This is also a feature of the confidential mode. The recipient can be requested to authenticate through a text message or a passcode that they will receive and only then will they be able to open a confidential email.

Integrated rights management:

This is the best feature of the changes being made by the company. It is going to give you the power that allows you to block the forwarding, copying, downloading or printing a particular message. Although it won’t be possible to prevent data extraction that is deliberate. The company says there are also a number of people who accidentally share information sometimes with the wrong person. So, at least that can be avoided.

Snoozing email:

This is one of the most common features that was seen in the third party email clients which the company has integrated directly into Gmail. It works smoothly with a new hover menu that can help you interact with an email and has options like archive, snooze, delete, or mark as read. These options will come as soon as you move the cursor over the mail. It is going to give the look and feel of an app. Also without opening the conversation, you can directly tap into the email attachments. This feature will also re-alert to an email just like an alarm clock.

Nudging email:

It happens that a lot of people miss out an important email between the hundreds of emails that they receive each day. Google has now introduced a nudging mode that will ensure that the high priority emails are never on the bottom of all the others.

This is based on artificial intelligence that is developed by the company. This feature scans your email and selects some of them that are of high priority. It will also pin those emails to the top of your inbox for a number of days or until you reply to the particular message.


One of the options in the Gmail update is the confidential mode that will help the users to select emails that will destruct themselves in a certain amount of time. You will have a choice to select whether a particular mail should self-destruct from the inbox within a day of time, months or years.

High Priority notifications:

This function is already available in the app. This feature utilizes the help of artificial intelligence to select the emails that you want to be notified right away and some others that can be notified later. This feature is going to cut down around ninety-seven percent of the emails that you get notified about and are not of much importance.


When we take all these features as a whole, they are surely some of the biggest changes that the company has made since a very long time. We are positive that soon these features will be updated for all the Gmail users so that everyone is entitled to take advantage of this huge step forward.


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