Highlights of Google IO announcement:Revolution on it’s Way

Highlights of Google IO announcement

Highlights of Google IO announcement 

In Google’s annual developer conference, the Google IO 2018 had a jump start at San Francisco. Google had its biggest conference this time for the Android developers. The presentation was of about two hours long, where the important executives had taken the stage at the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View California.

Not only a sneak peak on the new technologies was given that Google is currently working on but the event also showcased some of the big announcements that are going to have an impact on the users as well. The conference had shown the developments that have been taking place in Google maps, Google Assistant, and Artificial intelligence.

This will be brought about through different sectors like smartphones, apps, laptops, and software. One of the major highlights of any of the Google IO conference is coming Android OS iteration. We are going to have a new Android update soon. Google assistant is now going to be voiced by John Legend.

Here we have for you the highlights of the Google IO conference ranked and explained in detail.

Android P

The new Android P is going to change a lot of information that we already know about the Google mobile OS. It is going to have a refreshed look. The three-button navigation is not going to be of any use now. The main exchanges like changing the apps will be accomplished through the iPhone X kind of gestures in which there is a swipe icon at the very end of the phone that helps to navigate and multitask.

The new Dashboard will showcase the amount of time that you have been spending on your device, the number of times you have unlocked your device and the number of notifications that you‘ve had received and the time you had spent on a certain app as well. You are going to have a choice to set a time limit for the apps individually if you do want to cut back on the time that you usually spend while staring at your phone at any given point of time.

Basically, the new Dashboard will be able to able to take care of you of you in a way as it is going to understand about your habits, help you have more focus on the important things and will ask you to switch off the applications so that you have more time to spend with your family.

For some of the smartphones like Google, Sony, Nokia, Essential and a few more can have a public beta on their phones right now if they’d like but Android P will be available later this summer.

It is also going to have a Shush mode, when this feature will be turned on, when the phone will be kept facing downward on the table it will automatically activate the Do not disturb mode.

One more important feature that Android P will have is whenever you will be looking at the screen and will rotate it, maybe accidentally or on purpose, a button is going to pop up that will let you rotate the screen or you have the choice to keep the display as it is.

It also has a feature that will help in conserving the battery life via what Google had called as an adaptive battery. This will save the battery up to a thirty percent in CPU app wakes-up for the apps that are not going to be used for the rest of the day. It is also going to have an adaptive brightness option that will learn about your personal references and take the environment into account as well. About half of the android users today have to adjust the brightness manually.

New Google Assistant voices:

Google assistant is also going to have a complete makeover as mentioned by Sundar Pichai. The voice is going to sound much more human and natural. In reality, the new voice of Google assistant is being given by none other than the R & B star John Legend. Apart from that, you are also going to have an option of choosing between the six new voices, this feature will definitely nail the overall appeal of the Google assistant. This feature will be coming later this year.

Google Home:

One of the disappointing facts that were seen in the conference was that the Google Home assistant at IO was not existent. Although it was announced that the smart displays from Lenovo, JBL, and LG will start shipping in the month of July but nothing specific was announced regarding its own Home Lineup. It is a probability that those announcements might be made at the upcoming fall event at the company’s hardware event, but nothing can be surely said.

Google Map:

This will be also one of the really cool technologies that Google has come up with; the new Google Map is going to let you navigate around the city by using a Street view with the use of Google plus code. You will just have to wave your phone in front of you and a Street View version of what you are seeing on your phone will appear. It will look like a really fun video game in which if you do need directions huge arrows will appear or animated characters that will point where you are supposed to go next.

Google Duplex:

One of the most amazing moments of the conference was noticed when Sundar Pichai had played back a recording of the Google assistant calling a hair salon to make an appointment through a conversation that actually seemed to be like two humans were talking to each other normally. The salon employee had absolutely no idea that they were talking to Artificial Intelligence and could not recognize as the voice sounded very real and not robotic at all.

Gmail can now Draft emails for you (almost) by itself:

The smart reply feature is a very ambitious technology that Google has been working on. The Smart compose artificial intelligence feature will help you draft your emails at a faster pace and from the little information provided. This might sound a bit scary, that a machine is going to draft an email without your involvement, but keep your calm as the company is not going that far, the feature is going to give suggestions to complete the sentence that you are typing. This feature will come over the next few weeks.Google also launched new Gmail design 

Google Lens:

Through the Google default camera app, Google Lens will come in the Android phone near you, so it has to be noted that it won’t be limited to the Google Pixel 2 and the Pixel 2 XL smartphones.

It will have what is called as the Google’s object recognition software and will be coming in more smartphones soon. Just for an example, the present LG G7 ThinQ has a button shortcut that takes to Google assistant in one press and to Google lens with two presses. Presently Google Lens works on other android phones via Google Photo app, but the company has been trying to bring its smart software forward at IO.

Another smart feature that Google lens will have is that you will be able to point your phone’s camera in a text in the real world, grab it and then paste it into a text option in your smartphone. Google lens will help you to buy fashionable things online. Right now Google lens is not very perfect at finding and identifying a particular item of clothing. Google has introduced its new style match feature that is going to scan anything that the camera is pointed at and will help you to buy it from retailers online. We are still not sure if Amazon is going to be one of the stores yet.

Google news:

This feature is going to give a brief of the top five news stories with the latest local news. It is going to have an understanding of individual news preferences and will showcase the stories accordingly. It is going to have a new feature added called Full Coverage that will enable the reader to show all of the relevant stories in a particular form, from different sources.

Google Photos:

The new Google Photos will have a feature called the Suggested Actions that will be able to recognize friends that are there in your photos and will offer you to share them with a single button press.

You will also be able to turn your pictures into PDF files in an instant. And will be able to remove colors from the pictures or just from some areas. You will be able to re-colorize the old black and white pictures into color as well.



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