Google Maps Extensive Material Redesign Rolling Out

Google map redesign

For a few weeks, Google has been working on the transition of some of its applications to the Material Theme which is brand new. This update has been applied to one of the most used apps, the Google Maps. Users have witnessed significant changes in the interface, although it can’t be considered a complete redesign of the maps. Lately, Google has been determined to give its apps a serious makeover. This includes the Gmail redesign and modifications in the interface of Google Chrome. Some users have received an update from the server’s side that enables us to take a detailed look at the new design. According to Scotty Boyd’s tweet, the entire process took 4 whole years. The navigation UI seems simpler and more convenient for usage.

Google Maps Overview

Everyone who has used the app has been greatly benefited by the features it has to offer. Thanks to the clear directions, you can’t be lost in the middle of anywhere as long as you have a working internet connection. It has made many real-life applications easier. Various transportation and conveyance services such as Uber Cabs are entirely dependent on Google maps and the credit of their success running entirely goes to it. For an app with such massive benefits, it is only fair to keep updating it from time to time to enhance the user experience.

Change Google map user interface 

The new interface is much brighter and appears cleaner than the previous version. The user interface and the menu have undergone a major change. The best part about the design change is the increase in colors which makes the app look more appealing. Under the tab ‘For You’ the users are also going to have an option for hosting personal recommendations. The Material Theme look will increase the convenience and comfort level of people who use the app on a regular basis. They have also updated the discover section which enables the users to locate various activities in accordance with the exact location. The Material Themed cards were undergoing a test earlier in May.

The use of white color is rampant in the updated version. The font type Sans is used for denoting the text. Instead of rounded cornered rectangles, the buttons are more stadiums shaped. They have also imparted rounded corners to the search bars. Even though the icons look a bit different, there are not many functional changes. Some tabs have undergone a complete modification due to the redesign. One of the tabs that people have witnessed has changed the most is the Explore tab. When you take a look at the events nearby that are upcoming, you are also enabled to choose options for selections for different timings of the events.


Google map user interface

The Explore Section

When you dive a little deeper into the Explore tab, you have many categories that you can check out, some of them being food, shopping, things to do, and various services. When you expand a particular list, it enables you to check out the details, read more about that list, share it with your friends, follow it and gain some knowledge about the developers. Just tap a brightly colored icon and you can get all the information you desire about that particular category. Apart from just searching through various hotels, restaurants, cafes, food joints, etc. you can also sort out different events by their timings and location. A public list is also there.


As compared to the expectations we had after the I/O, the latest modification cannot be considered as a major change. Still, it has filtered out unnecessary features and made the application more precise than it ever was. The For You tab isn’t live yet, with its scores and various other personal recommendations. Not many users have had the opportunity to witness the revamped look till now. Although the new version will soon be available to all the Google maps users. So, no need to fret over downloading the updated version from Google Play as the update will be from the server’s end. All you need to do is be patient and embrace the new technology as it arrives. As far as the For You tab is considered, the work on it is still going on.


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