Best underrated internet marketing tools to use in 2020

internet marketing tools

Online marketing is inevitable in today’s era where the internet is the king of global world. There are plethora of digital marketing tools in market, you can use and grow your business and take online. Check all the best marketing tools, if you are seeking for completely new.

Competition is getting hard day by day in all the businesses, where digital marketing has become a necessary part in many types of business. Nowadays various options are available than before to grow your brand value and name, increment of engaging, and also take high sales.

In digitalized world, everyone would be familiar with Google Analytics and Yoast SEO. In order to digital marketing, this article going to share about 8 most underrated internet marketing tools ever. You can choose one of the best marketing tools for your business to create elegant content, patronize more clicks, or make better security.

List of 8 underrated internet marketing tools and details each:


If anyone would know about email marketing, non-personal emails often go directly in the spam folder. This email marketing tool permits you to send mass cold emails from personal email addresses.

Mass cold emails:A cold email is an unsolicited e-mail that is sent to a receiver without prior contact. It could also be defined as the email equivalent of cold calling… Cold email is not spam.”

Extra tools of milkshake and advantages of it

  • Automatic follow-ups for no-replies.
  • Click tracking or email open rate.
  • In-app response management.

2. DrumUp

Popularity of content marketing has reached at a high peak. In addition, Drum up supports you to grab pros of it in depth.

Exploring content ideas and targeting exact audience can be possible by Drumup. for that, its become convenient to find new ideas and share it on your blog or social media platforms, also this tool schedule your content across all accounts. It also contains handy analytic to attain insights, it makes s more familiar with your activity on social media and you can Digg out more where its needed for making stringent strategy for make more relevant to target decided audience.

Reasons for why this is effective:
Drumup consumes less time for topic exploring, researching and posting. It proffers hashtag recommendations, in addition to promotion and automation tools.

3. NordVPN

For all the activity which we are doing on the internet, everybody left to get ideas about the security thing which is as necessary as taking breath. For that, VPN is most required tool for all these purposes. They encrypt connection for making secure security reason, its also help to take scrupulous step against hackers.

NordVPN is standing in top-level VPN services. This is top-notch marketing tool due to its own uniqueness. It can be utilized for changing IP to one from other countries. It allows better link building, practical competitor analysis and SEO(search engine optimization).

Reasons for why this is effective:
You can get multiple benefits by using this one tool like, secure your precious data from cybercriminals. Changing IP provides you good insights into SEO and it usefull for competitor’s research.

4. WooRank

Website analytics tools are available in market with inordinate can utilize the for discrimination of website and do proper SEO on it. Woorank has also eligible tools to check keyword ranking, visitor behavior data, and traffic information of the website.Woorank is the protector of our website, it helps you to gathering data and makes you notify when website gets potential errors.

Reasons for why this is effective:

Woorank has best insight feature which helps you to pre-plan your deas and make strategy. it also makes you aware with your rival when your traffic goes down. everybody loves to stand with the digital marketing playlist. It drives you in the better way when you need to do off-on page SEO.

5. Wordable
Productivity is one thing where genuine internet marketers depend. Wordable is one pure rated plugin which enables you to import Pages from Google Docs to WordPress in minimum clicks. If we looks to other tools for comparison, than its may simple than other, overall its not metter. Wordable makes you eligible to  rais yoour productivity in the comfort zone.
Reasons for why its effective:

Generally, content marketers give massive time to upload content from Google docs to WordPress

This is boring work which demands exessive time. This all become so easy by Wordable that is the plus point, you can also carry out promotion and target audions. However, it also helps you to stay tuned with your job rather than money.


It has two easy tools such as drag & drop interface, which anyone can use or outstanding features like dataset linking. gives you chance to make and share KPI dashboard in few minutes. upholds you to check out your marketing strategies are working or not, its targeting decided audience or not. Its so good tool for making internal reporting or creating a presentation and share it with your partners.

Reasons for why its effective:

KPI is not only one which becomes easy to track by It also contains white-lable integration by with you can utilize it for notifying all your consumers. Performance dashboard can be added to your website, portal or integrate it into the software.

7. Mention
Mention is same as google alert on steroids. This is very helpful for companies to track conversation about their brand and industry around the web and you can adjust alerts to watch your companies activity, competitors, or industry.

Most of people are using Mention to rectify their social media performance, link with influences, safeguard their class, and many more.

Reasons for why its effective:

Thousands of activity occurs on the internet during the day. When you surf on the internet and its beyond your mind perception to keep all in mind everything.  Mentions create occasions to collect al mentions and analyze them easily. Initial advantages are that it 24 hours service, You have no need to scour and social media app.

8. Userlike

Numerous sites these days offer a live talk choice. That is on the grounds that 20% of customers report visit as their favored method to cooperate with a shipper. It’s low-exertion, snappy, and smooth, making it an especially incredible alternative for an eCommerce site. Userlike makes it simple to coordinate talk into your site and a portable stage.

Reasons for why its effective:

Live visit is a success win for clients and dealers. It’s anything but difficult to receive, and direct correspondence consistently gives more knowledge into what your clients need. Since it works progressively, you can direct your guests through your site. What’s more, you can respond to inquiries before clients head off to someplace else. In general, it’s perhaps the most ideal approaches to improve transformation.


Digital marketing is the best platform which helps lot in growing your business through perfect utilization of internet. Especially this all the tools which are listed above are effectively helpful to keep watch on your internet marketing strategy and track in many ways. These all the tools are very inevitable for launch better email campaigns, spend low time by using automating tasks or create strong engagement with client. All the  underrated internet marketing tools in this article has few time of free trial version. So, why you are waiting for, check it out all the tools and choose one which perfects for you.

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Jignesh Patel has more than 3 year experience in digital media marketing expert and Co-Fonder of iFrontTech a mobile and web development company.

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