10 Must-Know Features in iOS 12 the next Revolutionize the User Experience

iOS 12 Features the next Revolutionize the User Experience

The latest iOS operating system version was released by Apple on 4th June at the Worldwide Developers Conference. With the onset of iOS 12, more responsive versions of iPhones and iPads are on the rise. All the devices that are capable of running iOS 11 are also compatible with iOS 12.

It is natural to get really excited about any possible features that could be hidden. Unfortunately, not everything has been covered by the company. Presently the beta testing is going on, so we have to be prepared for the sudden addition and removal of certain features. The stocks app has been entirely revamped along with the Voice Memos. Apple Books is an enhanced version of iBooks that is developed, taking into account the interests of passionate readers.

The lag that normally occurs while trying to open the camera is gone. The keyboard also appears to work faster. Due to proper optimization, the performance of the system has been enhanced to a great extent. The long list of impressive features can be given credit for an amazing updated OS. Time management is something that we all struggle with. Keeping in mind the issue that is faced throughout the world, Apple has added a feature that tracks your iPhone usage and notifies you about the time you have spent on the screen.

Siri is a whole lot improved in this version and can answer even more questions than before. Of course, this was bound to happen after the enhancement of Google Assistant. The automation of facilities has increased to a great extent with some of the most lovable features such as the Group Face time supporting 32 people and customizable emojis that can resemble your own appearance. Apart from these basic characteristics, let us take a look at some major exciting features of iOS 12 that are supposed to be an improvement over the previous versions.

Second Face Recognition

Most of the iPhone X users have been facing a lot of difficulties with the face recognition system. While wearing sunglasses, hat or any other accessories that affect the face in any way can alter your appearance to a great extent. As a result, the Face ID feature is unable to recognize your face and thus, the user can face a lot of troubles if an urgent need to use the phone arises suddenly. To combat this issue, the latest OS has the feature of a second face ID where you can set the second face in order to provide the access to your phone to a second person who you think is trustworthy. All you need to do is go to Settings, then Face ID & Passcode, and finally Alternate appearance. Although it is mandatory to set the face ID again if you wish to revoke access to the other person.

Better Information about The Battery

Excessive battery drainage is what most smartphone users suffer from. The worst part is that sometimes we are clueless as to what causes this sudden downfall in the battery percentage. Thankfully, with the new update, you don’t have to suddenly run towards your charger. In this new OS, you are going to get a better insight into your battery usage. Factors such as what causes battery drainage, graphical representations, when you used your battery the most, etc.

Gesture For Close App

In order to easily close an app, all you have to do is activate the multitasking feature and in order to close an app just swipe up on its card. This is a big improvement over having to long press an app card for closing an app in the multitasking mode.

Do Not Disturb Temporary Option

Now you can cause DND to get disabled itself when you get out of your present location. You don’t have to manually turn it off now. In order to display new options for the DND setting, long press on the Do Not Disturb icon on the control center or touch it forcefully.

iPhone X gesture on all iPads

From the screen’s top-right corner, swiping down is a gesture for accessing the control center. This is essentially a feature of the iPhone X but has now extended to iPad as well. Earlier it had to be done via the multitasking interface.

Automatic Updates For The OS

Manually approving numerous app updates on your phone can be a tedious process. Therefore, in order to curb the issue, the latest OS automatically installs various iOS updates on the device that you are currently using. Just go to Settings, open the General tab, press Software updates, and then select Automatic updates.

Shortcodes For Autofill

Memorizing and then filling up the shortcodes that you receive via text messages is not a very pleasant thing to do. It is annoying when you forget a digit or two and have to start all over again. When you receive the code, a shortcut will pop up at the top of the keyboard and when you tap on it, the shortcode will be auto-filled.

USB Accessories Can Be Disabled

If the Lightning port has not been unlocked on an iOS device in the past one hour, it can be disabled. The issue of hacking the passcode of the device through the USB port was becoming rampant throughout the world. In order to get rid of this issue, this new security feature was added which, let’s face it, is highly appreciable. You can enable the feature by turning on the USB Accessories option by tapping on settings and then Face ID & Passcode. This feature is meant to protect the information you have stored along with preventing a privacy breach.

The Control Center Contains a QR Code Scanner

The camera app of iOS 11 had incorporated a QR code scanner by Apple but in iOS 12, it has its own shortcut in the section of the Control Center. In order to add the shortcut, go to settings, then Control center and tap on Customize controls. Pressing the green button beside Scan QR Code is what adds the shortcut.

Messages Camera tools

There is a brand new camera tool within the messages application. In order to avail of this new feature, you can get started by opening the camera in messages app and then in the lower corner on the left-hand side, tap on the star icon. Although this is not a major modification.

The latest OS provides benefits such as a more efficient and an increased performance level along with a faster speed. The betterment of both old and new devices is being carried out. At WWDC this year, we witnessed how quickly Apple was trying to make things better by carefully carrying out the detailing of various new features. No wonder after the big steps taken by Google, Apple decided to update its OS to stay ahead of the competition.


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